Things that I think you should know (if you choose to continue this mission)…

  1. I amĀ very indecisive. However, when I make a decision, I stick with it. You’ll probably see this a lot here. Me mulling over if I should or should not do a particular thing, picking apart my decisions and overanalyzing. But, bottom line is, I get ish done.
  2. 99% of the time, I’m kidding. My humor is pretty dry and some people just don’t understand me. I’m used to it. Please don’t be offended by anything you read here. It’s not meant to hurt feelings or bruise egos.
  3. I go through dry spells. Sometimes I have very little to say, and sometimes I can talk for hours. I’m assuming that’s how this blog will work. Some weeks, I may have 3 posts, some weeks I may have nada. Let’s see how this plays out…
  4. I am a pretty lucky girl. You’ll read all about the cast of characters in my life and make your judgments about my luck accordingly. I stand firm that I’m hashtag blessed.
  5. Recipes (food & soap) are probably going to be taken from places around the web. I’ll link and give credit accordingly. Promise! This blog is more about my experimentation than me giving you awesome ideas. But you may get some ideas in the process, which would be awesome.

That’s about all for now! I hope you enjoy my little home on the web =)