Get out there…and then hide from the rain…

I’ve been slacking on writing this entry, mainly because I haven’t had a really great opportunity to get outdoors, which was my next task for my Spring Awakening project. Jersey has been a chilly, rainy mess for the majority of this season, and on the few days it has been nice, I’ve been cooped up working.

In an effort to make the most out of this dreary spring, I took a little road trip down to Maryland this weekend with some friends. It was the kind of weather that requires a 24/7 raincoat, but didn’t stop us from walking around the city of Annapolis and hanging down by the dock (and then going to hide when the downpours started!).

So what does one do when there’s a little bit of a lull in opportunities to have fun in the sun? Plan activities and events for the not-so-distant future, of course! Here’s a little list (you know I love them!) of some ideas I will be digging into once the weather is a little brighter and my workload has gotten a little lighter!


I’ve only been camping once, several years ago. That campsite included a bathroom and amenities, so it was more like an outdoor hotel. This year I’m going to up the ante and go for a weekend-long, bathroom-free camping trip. I’m a little bit nervous, but looking forward to the challenge! I’ve got my tent, I’ve got my sleeping bags, I’ve got my mini-pillow…I’m set!


I’m in love with hiking.

Let me rephrase.

I’m in love with the idea of hiking.

I adore walking through the woods and seeing beautiful overlooks through the clearing. I thoroughly enjoy getting to the top of the mountain and knowing I’ve completed something awesome. What I do not find fun is having to look down every two seconds to make sure I don’t break my neck by falling over a wobbly rock. But, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m begging for some outdoor adventure, so I’ll take what I can get…loose rocks and all.

Anyway, in a month or so I’ll be hopping in the car with some friends to go on our annual hiking trip. This year we will be headed to Pennsylvania to stay in a cute cabin and go on a waterfall-filled hike. I, of course, will be wearing my Wild-inspired red-laced Danner boots. Can’t really get much more outdoorsy than that.

If you’ve never been on a hike, I suggest looking up a few local, beginner hikes, grabbing a few friends (do not go alone, trust me!) and following the trail markers where they lead. Don’t forget your water, trail map and jerky!


Although I don’t have a beach house, I have several trips planned. And I’m sure I’ll be making some day trips down to the shore throughout the summer. I wasn’t really raised going to the Jersey Shore, my parents were more the tropical paradise goers. However, I’ve been making it more of a point every summer to get down there and, the more I go, the more I love it. Jellyfish and all.

I’m also pretty excited to check out the Pacific this summer on my trip to California. I’ll be hitting up some beautiful beaches and can’t wait to share pictures of my adventures with you all!


So, even though times are tough and the weather isn’t perfect, there are tons of ways to get out there and the spring and summer are perfect times to do it! Take some time and think of ways you’re going to get outside this season. Your Vitamin D levels and endorphins will thank you!




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