Health awakening

I apologize for this post in advance. For some reason, I wasn’t as inspired as I usually am. That’s why it took me so long to write. I’m going through the motions, but my usual wit and charm is pretty lacking. Sowwies! Enjoy anyway 🙂

I’m pretty sure that if you ask most people in my life if I’m a healthy person or not, they would say yes. And, in general, I am. I work out consistently, I try to get my veggies in (salads for lunch, a sensible dinner…I sound like a Jenny Craig commercial…), and I am obsessed with going to doctors. Name a type of doctor and I’ve probably been to them. Some may call me a hypochondriac. I just like to say I’m proactive. Has a nicer ring to it.

Anyway, what they (you?) don’t see, are my dirty little secrets. I’m a girl who likes to snack after dinner (chocolate. any and everything chocolate. please.), adds sugar and creamer to her morning coffee (I can’t help it!), and hasn’t been switching up her workout routine nearly as much as she should be (shame on me). I try to find the balance in everything in life, and nutrition and working out is really no different. I don’t necessarily live to eat – I would never classify myself a “foodie” – but I don’t like depriving myself either. This is where I often run into some problems.

So, last week I tried to change up my routine a bit. Trick my body. Test it. Make it happy. And hurt. And then happy again. I have a few tips I’ve learned over the week…and years, really…that I’d like to share if you’re joining me on this quest.

  • Tip #1: Start sssllllooooowwwww        

    When you’re looking to be a little healthier, I think that it’s good to start slow. The crazier and more intense the goals, the harder they are to achieve and the bigger the blow when you veer off course. So, what I did was look at the areas I knew I could improve upon just by making slight tweaks.

    The first change I made was to my morning routine. I am fueled by coffee. When I don’t have it, I’m a headachey mess. I’m grumpy and tired and just not a happy camper. But, I know that my large (or sometimes extra large) coffee with creamer and sugar is not the healthiest option for someone looking to improve their nutritional intake. So, I switched things up a little bit.

As I was browsing Trader Joe’s for some fresh ideas, as I often like to do, I found cold brew coffee concentrate and got an idea. I could keep my caffeine but reduce my sugar and dairy intake by blending it with unsweetened almond milk and some cacao that I had recently purchased to give it a little bit of a mocha kick. I brought my ingredients home and tried it out. The first take went well, but it was missing the sweetness I crave from my morning coffee, so I added a packet of stevia and a touch of vanilla extract. Sure it isn’t as tasty as my usual sugary hazelenutty brew, but it gets the job done! *a little note: a few days into doing this, my blender broke and I went a little crazy. I’m currently in the process of getting a new one, so I followed my own advice and I’m not beating myself up over it!

  • Tip #2: Learn what your body needs

    As I get older, I’m really learning more about my body and what it craves. Like, I’m tuning in to the way I feel when I need more protein or carbs or the feeling of needing water versus being hungry. It’s really kind of interesting and cool to grow in body awareness. One of the things I was noticing lately, was that my stomach tends to bloat really easily after eating. It’s like as soon as I ate lunch, I would have a bowling ball in my stomach for the rest of the day.  gutinstinct.png

    After seeing a bunch of advertisements all over social media for Hum Nutrition, I decided to look into their products. I was going to write up a few paragraphs on the supplements I’ve been using and their affects so far, but then I decided that would be better left for another blog post soooo you’ll have to wait in suspense to know all about my experience. I will tell you, however, that I’m obsessed with their probiotic, Gut Instinct, and the supplements Flatter Me and Daily Cleanse. I feel like I’m doing something good for my body when I take them, and my stomach is noticeably flatter, so I’ll definitely keep this up. I encourage you all to check out Hum Nutrition’s website and take their quiz that helps you figure out which supplements will be best for you.

    And if you decide to order, use my referral code! 10F03E

  • Tip #3: Keep it guessing                       

    Working out is my favorite form of therapy. When I find a “soulmate workout” I tend to stick with it, which is exactly what happened to me with barre3.  I love the way it makes me feel and the fact that it’s low impact so much that I’ve put other forms of exercise on the back burner. I know that if you want to see a change in your body, that you need to change up your workout routine every now and then. Makes sense…change = change!

    I’m slowly starting to mix it up and, last week week, enlisted the help of hot yoga and running to give my bod a little run for its money.  I’m not the best runner, but I downloaded an app called “Running for Weight Loss” and it’s pretty amazing. You can choose between several different training plans, like 5K, for example. Then, you just put on your headphones and hit “Go” and the app tells you exactly when to walk, run and sprint. It’s really helpful for someone like me who will turn around and go back after 10 minutes unless someone is pushing me along.

    Hot yoga is also a great way to stretch and strengthen your body. I find that I can get deeper physically and mentally when I do yoga in a heated room. I definitely think that any fitness plan should incorporate some form of stretching and mindfulness, and yoga is that for me.


Along with the things I’ve done above, I’ve also stopped drinking during the week (not as hard  as I originally thought it would be) and have steered clear of the chocolate bowl at work. Nobody’s perfect, though. And I haven’t been an angel. But when I have a little setback, I don’t let it ruin my day. And I don’t let that mean I give up completely. Life is meant to be lived and food is meant to be eaten. 

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