Spring awakening (no, not the musical, but how amaze is it though?)

Spring is a time when the weather gets warmer, the days get longer and there’s just a little more happiness in the air. You guys can feel it, can’t you? I know I’m not making up the fact that things seem a tiny bit sweeter once March 20th hits. And, even though we had a monster of a snow storm last week here in Jersey, I think we can officially say goodbye to winter (please don’t kill me if I just jinxed us!).

With my newfound giddiness, I’ve decided to try and make this spring one of the most productive and happy I’ve had in awhile. And one of the best ways I know to be both of those things is not to stuff my face with thin mints while watching every Leonardo DiCaprio movie (although that does sound pretty sweet). Oh no. It is much more lame and adultish than that. When I want to be productive, I make lists. 

Errands I have to run? There’s a list for that. 

People I have to catch up with? There’s usually a mental note for that. 

Appointments I need to schedule? I love to have Siri remind me of those…even though sometimes she swears I say: “Siri, call the fire department,” when I really said: “Siri, remind me to call the gynecologist.”

I don’t think I’m alone in my obsession with writing down my to-do’s. Fess up, you know you have a notepad on your fridge and another in your purse (and maybe one in your car and on your work desk and at your best friend’s house…) and the LIST GOES ON! A list of lists?! I’m going a little crazy. So, anyway, let’s make a list together, shall we? What do you vow to do this season? Here’s mine.

This spring, I vow to…

1. Get a little healthier – and no, reading about the latest superfood craze is not a substitute for cooking up some quinoa burgers

2. Get a little more organized – I’m not the best  at this, so I’m going to be enlisting the help of my organizationally savvy friend, and hopefully she can share some tips with us

3. Get a little more outdoorsy – I’m sick of being inside! Get me to a mountain, STAT! 

4. Get a little more educated – I have about 20 books to read and am severely behind on my podcast listening. Let’s get nerdy.

5. Get a little more creative – Keeping up with my current trend of letting my creative juices flow will be a big priority. Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. Soap. Scents.

6. Get a little more mindful – I’m slowly becoming a lover of all things holistic, but I still struggle with meditation. I’m ready to get down and dirty with it. 

And, because I’m all about accountability lately, I’m going to use this blog to talk about my very own spring awakening.

For the next six weeks, I’ll be making small changes everyday that I’m hoping will have a pretty big impact. I’ll write about them each week, with the first week focusing on health. I’m going to encourage everyone reading this to do the same. Spring is a time for growth (and allergies), and I think it’s a perfect excuse to mix it up.

Let’s do this!


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