Weekend warriors

First in my weekly series keeping you up to date on my weekend shenanigans…or lack thereof…

Weekends in Jersey center around a few key ingredients. There must be a healthy mix of several things in order for a weekend to be a success:

1. Friends

2. Frolicking

3. Fermented grapes

…I’m trying to stick with an alliterative theme here but the only other f-word I can think of is not appropriate for my younger audience and this is a PG blog, guys!

Anyway, friends and frolicking are two of my favorite things, alright fine we will add fermented grapes in there as well because who doesn’t like some wine now and again (or every night) so that’s how I like to roll a lot of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love laying on the couch and watching a movie/falling asleep to a movie as much as the next person, but sometimes you just need some fun, drinks and time to play catch-up with the people that you consider family. This weekend was one of those.

It started off on Friday with some longggg overdue time with some of my favorite college ladies. We laughed, we wined and…we didn’t really dine but I heated up some fabulous mini quiche and we were set for the night.

Next up, was Saturday. Because I’ve been a Jersey girl my whole life, I’d like to think I have this frolicking thing down pat. A few rules to live by when just wanting a nice day out with the girls?

1. There are no rules!

2. Rules are made to be broken!

3. Throw the rules out the window!

End cheesy, motivationl life quotes.

But in all seriousness, plans change and places you thought would be amazing turn out to not be your cup of tea. That’s why it’s always good to head to an area where you can walk around and find different locations to settle down at for awhile. This weekend, a few friends and I headed to one of my favorite areas in Jersey City to do a little bar hopping, eat yummy food, listen to some great music and shop at cool local stores. We only got three of the four done and I’ll give you a hint, my wallet thanked me. The night ended with me satisfyingly hitting the pillow and never looking back, so I’ll say it was definitely a success. Especially since I rediscovered my love of mezcal…which brings me to my final day…

Super Bowl Sunday began with a teensie hangover but I was good to go after chugging some water and dousing myself in peppermint essential oil. That will be a whole other blog post, so stay tuned.

Anyway, my boyfriend’s friend had a party that was full of food and not lacking in the beverage department. So, again, I played by some rules.

1. Sip slowly.

2. Then chug because warm beer is gross.

3. Finally, stuff your face.

I know those aren’t really the best rules, but they got the job done for me. Two beers and 70 tortilla chips with chili dip later, and I was feeling surprisingly fabulous. I brought some spinach dip to the party (recipe to the right), and the night was solid (minus that Pats win…no offense guys Brady can go home now).

And can we say that was the ultimate return of Gaga? She’s so amazingly talented and I was thrilled to see her perform to perfection and make a political statement without being even the teensiest bit annoying about it. If it was Beyoncé I’m sure I would have had to turn off the TV…(don’t hate me!)

Weekend rating? 8/10

What was yours??



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