I know…I’ll start a blog!

I vividly remember being 12 years old, sitting in front of my Gateway computer (super trendy for it’s time) and deciding I was going to be an author. I had looooong been a big Babysitter’s Club and R.L. Stine fan, and creating characters with exciting stories and lavish lifestyles made me giddy. I would write for hours on end – before school in the morning, as soon as I got home, even on the weekends. It was enthralling. I finished my first “book” in 12 hours, waited patiently on the steps while my dad read it, and continued to write well into my college years.

And then, somewhere along the way, I stopped.

Life got busy, graduate school had me going like crazy and I lost that excitement about writing that once had me so invested in the process. It took time and effort and mental energy that I just didn’t feel like exerting. When I came home at night, I wanted to get my workout in and relax, not beat myself up over a sentence that didn’t sound perfect or a tone that I just couldn’t get right.

Truthfully, though, I miss it. I really do. I miss being able to put my thoughts down on paper and have an outlet. My creative juices have been dry for far too long and this is my opportunity to bring them back. So, that being said…here it is. My introduction to the blog life.

Dirty Jersey has been an idea I’ve had for over a year now. At first, I wanted to make it a soap company (except that I’m currently still in the process of perfecting the whole soap-making thing). So, that’s on the backburner for now. Hopefully, this blog opens up that opportunity, but until then, I decided to do more of what makes me happy and use Dirty Jersey as a way to work through the soap-making process and add in some other Amanda and Jersey-related things along the way. A new recipe I’ve been dying to try? I’ll post it here. A new brewery? I’m there. A hip street fair? I’m in. A cool concert? I’m down.

So continue to join me. I’m sure the blog will grow and evolve along the way!


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